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A journey into the world of brews

Genoa Yacht Training Academy is proud to announce a brand-new course on beer crash.

If you’re in love with beer, get ready to raise your pints and enjoy the Beer Crash Course on November 22nd.

An unmissable occasion to discover everything about Beer, from the origins of this beverage to styles, production process, ingredients and tasting & pairing.

The training class will be held by the amazing Elvira H. A. Ackermann, an experienced and certified Doemens Bier-Sommelière since 2017 and the President and Founder of the Italian Beer Ladies Society.

Learn about the origins of Beer, how Beer is made, what Beer styles are, how Beer tasting works and how to match Beer to food!

  • History of Beer.
  • Beer Ingredients.
  • Beer Production Process.
  • Beer Styles.
  • Tasting Beer.
  • Matching Beer.

This Beer Crash Course is just the tip of the foam, but it provides a solid foundation for your beer journey. So, grab your favorite brew, embark on this adventure, and savor the diverse and exciting world of beer! Cheers!

Hurry up and book your spot at:

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