Genoa Superyacht Hub

Amico & Co: Repair and Refit Shipyard

Amico & Co is one of the world’s leading super and mega yacht refit and repair yards.

Based in the historic naval city of Genoa on Italy’s beautiful Ligurian coast, Amico & Co provides a full range of services, from maintenance and repair to major painting projects and yacht lengthening projects and conversions.

The yard can host vessels of all types and sizes, offering large yacht hauling facilities with a 4000T ShipLift, covered dry-docks and dedicated painting hangars, drawing on the expertise of its internal departments with their decades of refit specific experience.

The yard occupies an area of over 60,000 m², offering 12 covered sheds for refit and repair. Dedicated paint hangars are specifically designed for projects up to 102 metres in length and are equipped with advanced forced ventilation systems to maintain strict temperature, humidity and emission conditions.

Amico & Co, together with Pesto Sea Group, is one of the creators of the Genoa Superyacht Hub project: a brand that aims to make Genoa, Italy, the ideal home port for the world of superyachts of all sizes, a true hub of specialised services for owners, captains, and crew members.

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