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Basic Safety Training – refresh in Genoa NOW

For those who participated at the Yachtie Career Day of Genoa Superyacht Hub last March, this may not be a surprise as it was in the air…

After months of rigorous accreditation processes with the Maltese Government, the first refresh BASIC Safety Training course under the Maltese flag and quality standards of @maritimemtmalta will be held in Genoa through Gente di Mare.

This significant milestone reflects our dedication to providing top – notch safety training and ensuring compliance with international maritime standards.

This is the perfect opportunity to update your certifications and ensure to remain at the forefront of safety protocols.

Course dates

July 18th and 19th 2024

Few places are still available!

Sign up now and keep your certifications current!

For info e-mail:


This course is meant for seafarers who require to refresh their standards of competence relating to Basic Safety Training. The modules that will be need to be refresh are:

  1. Personal Survival Techniques (4h)
  2. Fire Prevention & Fire Fighting (4h)
  3. Elementary first Aid (5h)
  4. PSSR (3h)

Learning Objectives

To refresh the basic principles and practices of the Basic Safety Training;

  • Refresh principles of Personal Survival Techniques.
  • Refresh and update knowledge and techniques of Elementary First Aid.
  • Refresh and update knowledge and techniques Fire Prevention & Fire Fighting.
  • Refresh and update knowledge about Personal Safety & Social Responsibilities.

Expected Learning outcomes

On completion of this course, the candidates will be able to :

  • Contribute effectively in an abandon ship emergency.
  • Prepare themselves and passengers for evacuation.
  • Practical exercises with life raft and LSA and initial actions when in the survival craft.
  • Recognized initial actions and recognize vital symptoms of an injured person.
  • Assist an injured person until a more specialized help is available.
  • Knowledgeable in onboard work practices and aware of causes of pollution caused by shipping.


Assessments will be carried out in two parts. During the modules of Elementary First Aid, Fire Prevention & Fire Fighting, and Proficiency in Personal Survival Techniques, participants will be assessed for practical proficiency during the course program.

The attainment for the competence will be assessed by the lecturer conducting practical training. A written assessment, which can be accessed through the Learning Management System platform (Moodle) will provide a mix of 20 questions on the 4 modules of this course, from a question bank, and which will be carried out online by the participants as one final assessment.

The pass mark is 50/100.

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