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Brexit consequences for uk national seafarers

Embarking in schengen area

If you arrive from outside Schengen
You will get a stamp “In” arriving in Schengen where you can stay for a maximum of 90 days, within a time window of 180 days. (Due to the covid 19 pandemic please always double check with your agent the updated regulation to travel to Italy.)

If already employed on a yacht before 01st Jan 2021
You will not receive a stamp “Out”, as you do not hold a stamp “In” from the arrival and the immigration do not antedate. You will receive the first stamp “In” on the disembarkation date.

If already in Schengen and NOT employed on a yacht
(i.e. arriving from another Schengen country where you arrived before the 31st December 2020)
You will receive a stamp “Out” when embarking on a vessel. Due to the Covid 19 pandemic you must be able to prove from where you are travelling from and since when you have been in Schengen

Disembarking in schengen area and currently employed on a yacht

You will receive the stamp “In” on disembarkation date providing full repatriation itinerary details. You have a maximum of 90 days, within a time window of 180 days to stay in Schengen. Please note that due to the covid 19 pandemic, non-EU crew members are allowed to repatriate only, unless for proven working reasons.

You will be stamped “Out” at the last Schengen airport or when crossing last terrestrial/maritime Schengen border

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