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Candlelight: the cherry on top of your Valentine’s Day

Even if, it’s true, celebrating love is a daily affair, it is undeniable that Saint Valentine is a good opportunity to overdo!

We all know that Genoa steals the heart of anyone exploring it, so what better way to spend your Valentine’s Day, than by visiting its treasures?

Genoese museums are all amazing, but the most romantic ones are certainly the Museums of “Strada Nuova”, housed in the three historic palaces: Palazzo Rosso, Palazzo Bianco and Palazzo Tursi.

These are among the most evocative and iconic Rolli palaces, a system of 42 buildings that became a UNESCO World Heritage Site in 2006. As you weave along their halls, you can admire lots of ancient historical furnishings and important works of art, including Rubens’, Van Dyck’s, Caravaggio’s ones, and the magnificent Penitent Magdalene by Antonio Canova.

Another significant example of Genoese architectural renewal, is surely Palazzo della Meridiana, a unique Sixteenth-century residence.

It takes its name from the sundial (“Meridiana”) drawn on its façade, and also gives its name to the square below, right on the corner with the beginning of Via Garibaldi, formerly “Strada Nuova”.

A true jewel you absolutely should know, a surprisingly elegant structure in which different architectures and styles coexist harmoniously, located in a central position, in the most visited historic area of Genoa.

Candlelight evenings in Genoa

One of the unmissable peculiarities of this period is that, right inside of it, a special international event is taking place.

After Milan and Rome, the notorious Candlelight evenings will finally reach our city too! For those who don’t know it, the Candlelight concerts are a format that has taken hold in New York, before arriving in the main European cities; an instrumental performance where the only lighting is hundreds of candles scattered all around! The music usually ranges from jazz, rock, and classical pieces to movie soundtracks.

We suggest you visit the official website in order to keep updated on all the dates touching our city these days!

Concerti Candlelight di musica classica – Genova 2023 | Fever (

In particular, for this Valentine’s Day, just at Palazzo della Meridiana, get ready to enjoy – with the magical sounds of the violin – not just well-known pieces by Queen, Elvis Presley and Stevie Wonder, but also lots of the latest hits such as “Perfect” by Ed Sheeran, “Angels” by Robbie Williams, “Fix you” by Coldplay, and many others!
An unmissable opportunity to appreciate our artistic heritage in an alternative way, through the atmosphere of the greatest hits of our time!

For reservations: Candlelight Special: San Valentino – Genova | Fever (

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