Genoa Superyacht Hub

Genoa Superyacht Hub
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Genoa Superyacht Hub

Via dei Pescatori, 16128 Genoa (Italy)

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    Arrival Info

    Before getting to Genoa

    • Call Genoa pilots on VHF ch. 12.
    • Yachts over 500 GRT call mooring assistance on VHF ch. 10.
    • Yachts over 1,500 GRT or 70+ metres: Pilot on board is compulsory (call VHF ch.12).

    When approaching the port

    • Please call Genoa Traffic on VHF ch. 11 (and remain listening on VHF ch. 16).
    • Please note that once moored you will have to call vts again to confirm it on VHF 11.

    While approaching the marinas

    • Please call on VHF 71 to ask for assistance.
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