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Crew OlympiX 2023 – I Edition

Thank you Crew! We killed it!

After the Party Games day spent together in the name of epic fun, and the Ball Games day, based on the sun, chilling and sports, Saturday we met the crew again for the last appointment of the Crew OlympiX.

Leaving from the beautiful Old Port area, we experienced the smartest Treasure Hunt in town ever, an amusing way to see our beautiful Genoa more in-depth, exploring some of its most iconic sights, mixing fun and a bit of adventure!

Each team chose its very special orienteering path, with the common objective to reach the final step of the challenge, a surprise location in the heart of the city.

Gathered at the new-reopened Nouvelle Vague, we celebrated together the Final Award Night, an amazing party made of typical food, drinks, music and a lot of fun where all the winners received their well-deserved prizes!

A big thank you to all the Crew who joined this event and played with us. We had a very good time all together!

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Stay tuned for the next adventures!

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