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Crew OlympiX #3 – Memories of a great ball games day!

Crew OlympiX days are not over yet!

After the Party games day spent together in Marina Molo Vecchio, last Saturday we all met at Waterfront Marina, the latest newcomer in terms of Genoese yachting hubs, but perfect to share a sports day dedicated to the Ball Games!

It just felt like Summer! The yachts moored on the sunny docks, the sparkling sea and the port on the background, a bit of music and the scent of barbecue. What else?

After the assignment of the teams, the crews challenged each other to padel, soccer and basket, ending with a first place for the red team! Yellow, green and blue followed. We then enjoyed the best part, chilling at the sun, while tasting some delicious street food+drinks together.

But, since gaming is not just sport, we look forward to make you show off your skills again, but in a different way! We look forward to meeting you on March 25th, for a very special orienteering or treasure hunt in town. Stay ready for an unmissable opportunity to see our beautiful Genoa more in depth, exploring some of its particulars, mixing fun and a bit of adventure.

Follow our stories to stay updated on this final appointment of the Crew OlympiX and, of course, to see all the pics from the last event!

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