Genoa Gentlemans Guide

Bespoke suits made in Genoa

Sartorial workmanship is the bespoke tailoring service you find in Italy and is the highest expression of fine craftsmanship, a unique elegance that every man has to experience at least once in a lifetime.

Perfect fit

A bespoke suit is measured for a perfect fit, comprising all those exclusive details designed to enhance his personal style and has the power all on its own to imbue a sense of confidence and prominence in any man who wears it.When you own a bespoke suit, you will instantly feel like a king amongst men. But no one ever said becoming king would be easy. It takes meticulous care, precision in language, and sartorial knowledge to bring your first bespoke suit to fruition.Bespoke tailoring is the pinnacle of men’s attire in terms of customization, time commitment, and also cost. 


One of the advantages of having your bespoke tailor experience in Genoa is the high craftmanship at fair prices that you will find here


The top 3 bespoke luxury tailors in Genoa:

Sartoria Rossi – which is an entry level type tailor 
Y-ipsilon – a classy store located in one of the shopping streets of Genoa that provides an excellent experience. 
Master of wardrobe – a famous tailor who comes to your yacht, villa or hotel and works with la crème de la crème

Price Ranges

You can spend anywhere between 1,000 to 4,000 euros for a hand-made suit and you can get a great looking suit that matches your budget, so be clear on what you have to spend and then, as the saying goes, “cut your cloth accordingly”. 

Ready-to-wear starts at 900 euros
Made-to-measure starts at 1,300 euros
Bespoke starts at 3,000 euros

Request that an Italian master tailor visit your yacht!


A bespoke suit, for a bespoke yacht

For the same reasons that a yacht owner chooses to have his own bespoke yacht design, a bespoke suit is likewise great fun and it is also super exciting to have something made by hand for oneself. It is less a luxury but rather a unique way to experience an ancient craft that has been part of Italian culture since the Middle Ages. Having something made by a bespoke tailor is like commissioning a chest of drawers from a carpenter or ordering cufflinks from a jeweller. It is simply a wonderful experience that most men who love clothes will enjoy. Finally, it is an opportunity to own something that is designed and created just for you. You’ll never run into another man wearing the same piece!

Classic Barber Shop

You can pair your bespoke suit experience in Genoa by having a traditional Italian barbershop experience, at one of Italy’s oldest, the Barberia Giacalone founded in 1882! Nowadays it still preserves intact the original furniture, with the barbershop testifying to that particular moment of transition between the Liberty taste and art déco.

Or you can try Barberia Tony Ferrante.

Gentleman's Club

Tunnel Society

The origin of the club dates back to 1857, when 18 gentlemen founded the Società del Tunnel. It is a private club with the typical rules that abbey to a gentleman’s club, proper attire required (jacket and tie are mandatory). If you are a Pesto client, please contact us ( for further information.

Bespoke Ties


Finollo in Genoa is famous for its custom-made personalized ties with each item being fully handmade. It is a historical shop in Genoa, founded in 1899 (!) They have rare fabrics such as polished silks and wool, which are carefully chosen by the Maison who also design limited editions and exclusive fabrics: they create a maximum of eight ties out of each patterned fabric. Personalized ties are a cult item: the plain colour, handmade tie with embroidered initials (using letters or the International maritime signal flags), is truly a tradition in Genoa.

Bespoke Shirts


Finollo also do customized shirts, where every single part of the shirt is cut by hand, stitched using a sewing machine and carefully completed by their tailors. It can take 12 hours or more just to make one shirt. The final touch is the crest where they put the initials of the client and mark the date of the delivery.

Italian Shoes

Cuoio Rocca

Nothing compares to good Italian leather shoes, there is a highly renowned shoe shop in Genoa that handcrafts them to perfection, Cuoio Rocca Scarpe.

Italian Fashion

Elegance tips

For the first visit, wear a suit which you like in style, cut and fit (If you do not yet possess such a suit, select a jacket and a pair of trousers on the same principle). The tailor will take it that your appearance reflects your taste, and will hold ‘your look’ in his mind when making your new suit. Wear a shirt with sleeves of the length you prefer.

Degrees of Suit Tailoring

The first thing to do is make the decision between bespoke and made-to-measure and which tailor to use. 


Retail vs Bespoke

Made to measure is also marketed as personal tailoring or even wrongly as bespoke by some companies that then create this ‘bespoke’ suit using factory production methods. Trust me when I say that you will never get a decent ‘bespoke’ suit for 400 euros. 

A bespoke suit is one that is made by a tailor whom you personally consult with and who takes dozens of body measurements. They create your suit according to what would look good on you and then they will hand cut and stitch the entire suit from your chosen materials, using an ‘in house’ workshop. The process requires at least one basic fitting and if needs be a second advanced fitting. 

With a made to measure suit, you would normally pick an existing design that is mass produced in a factory where stitching is done by machine but you have a level of customisation in the design process. This may consist of picking different fabrics, lapels, pockets, buttons, cuffs and much more. 

Ready to wear

A mass-produced suit, made in a factory, that you can find in department stores. You can wear the suit almost immediately after purchase, save for some minor tailoring adjustments. 

Made-to-measure Suit

A standard suit pattern is made to fit your measurements. Though not factory-made, this suit comes from a pre-existing design. 

Bespoke suit

The entire suit is created without a pre-existing pattern or design.

Choose your style

A classic men’s suit is usually said to belong to one of two great tailoring traditions: the British and the Italian.

British style

For British style suits, there are two shops in Genoa: Athos and David Scott.

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