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the secret portal to Italian beauty

Discover Genoa and the rest of northern Italy, be just a ride away from breathtaking natural beauties and gastronomical delights.

Making it an all year round destination, Genoa, at the centre of the Ligurian sea, is a primary location to access the Mediterranean beauties along the coast such as Portofino, Cinque Terre and many other treasures. As if that wasn’t enough, you’re a ride away from Italy’s most important cities and their many amenities: Turin, Milan, Venice and Florence. Not to forget, just above Liguria, is Piedmont and the Alps. You could be at the seaside one moment and be skiing, practising winter sports, the next!

Genoa. Your key to exploring the beauty of northern Italy all year round.

A gem of the north with the heart of the south,
Genoa: a destination to all.


Art & Nature

Liguria is a coast of treasure. Visit world-renowned locations like Portofino, Cinque Terre and Camogli to appreciate the culture and charm of the region fully. Or explore the natural richness of the land surrounding you, with its panoramic, breath-taking views and its rural beauty.

Suppose you’re looking for a more cultural experience and want to know more about Italy’s history and art. Then we highly recommend a walking tour through the carruggi of the old city of Genoa. Or a trip to Florence to visit its magnificent museums. Or Venice, to admire the gondole on the water or visit the Doge’s Palace. Or see the legendary leaning tower of Pisa. Truth is, there is so much to see we just hope you have time to see as much as you can!


Sport and outdoor activities

There are some great outdoor activities to do in and around Genoa, places to visit, hiking path itineraries and short trips that are not too far away from the city centre that will transport you to an unforgettable journey!

Are you looking for something more extreme? Check out the range of activities! Whether you like driving sports cars or mountain bike riding or you’re more into winter sports, you can access it all.


Business Location

Are you looking for a business location in the heart of the Mediterranean, full of charm and history, strategically located in the north of Italy?

Genoa is the place you are looking for. If you need to find a new business location, a temporary office, or even just a location for a business meeting, please contact us. We will be happy to help you.


After dinner & nightlife

Stroll down la passeggiata while tasting a delicious artisanal ice-cream. Tour the rural beauties and discover Genoa’s hidden treasures on a Vespa!

Surprise yourself and sit back to enjoy a romantic sunset. When you’re walking in a magical land it’s easy to be spontaneous, just let pleasure and adventure guide you…



Discover the local delicacies and treat your tastebuds to one of the most appreciated cuisines in the world. Italian food is an artful combination of simple, tasty ingredients and lots of passion. Take your palate on a journey, for every town, city and area of Italy has its delicacies that are just waiting to be tasted.

Just a few hours from some of the most beautiful and famous wine regions in the world, if you are a wine lover, you can’t be this close to Tuscany’s wineries and Piedmont’s Langhe and not travel over for a wine tour. Visiting Genoa is the easiest way to stock up your personal selection of Italian wines collection. the perfect occasion to update and expand your wine cellar.


Alta moda

Renowned for its plethora of high-end boutiques and shops, Milan is an all-time destination if you enjoy shopping, just 100 km from Genoa.

Fashion, design and culture: spending has never been more glamorous.

Don’t fancy travelling up to Milan? The McArthurGlen Designer Outlet is just a short trip away!

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