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Don’t miss our next Coffee training & Latte Art

Are you ready to get hugged by the best sweet flavors you’ll ever experienced?

If we then talk about cappuccinos and coffee, we could spend an endless list of words.

That is why Genoa Superyacht Hub has decided to get right to it, organizing a specialized course held by one of the most acclaimed barmen, Andrea Cremone.

Barista, coffee expert, and trainer for the Specialty Coffee Association, Andrea has recently opened “OPS… Coffee By Mistakes”, a small but complete corner entirely devoted to coffee. Located inside the MOG, the well-known Genoese area dedicated to quality street food, it has already conquered everyone.

So, ready to lick your chops too?




On April 4th, 5th, 6th, 7th and 24th, 26th, 28th, 29th, all the crews will have the chance to join our Coffee Training and Latte Art, in order to learn all about blends, storage, equipment, and calibration, discover some tips on how to make and serve high-quality coffee beverages, and also create awesome artistic decorations on top of your Cappuccino!

Let’s go deeper and see what the course includes:

Coffee Training

The first steps to achieving your best skills in extracting and serving high-quality espresso coffee beverages:

  • How to choose coffee blends.
  • How to preserve and store coffee.
  • How to choose the equipment: espresso machine, grinder, and other tools.
  • How to fix, calibrate and clean the equipment.
  • How to create the perfect “coffee menu”.
  • How to set the workspace.
  • How to use the espresso machine and grinder.
  • How to steam milk.
  • How to create the most traditional Italian coffee beverages.
  • How to solve. technical issues.

Latte Art

An intense training focused on cappuccino decoration. The trainer will show you how to create nice figures, such as hearts, tulips, and roses.

Hurry up! Get a special 10% discount if you subscribe within April 3rd!

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