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Explore the Toirano Caves

Try a unique experience in the bowels of the mountain just minutes from Genoa

Unlock a world of wonder at Toirano caves, a mesmerizing natural treasure near Savona, Liguria. Step into the depths of time as you wander through intricate limestone formations and ancient stalactites, witnessing the secrets of Earth’s history unfold before your eyes.

Immerse yourself in the beauty of these underground caves, guided by expert explorers who will share fascinating tales of their discovery. An unforgettable adventure awaits, where you can experience the wonders of nature like never before.

The Toirano cave complex, in the province of Savona just 30 kilometres from Genoa on the west coast, was created by millennia of work by water and earth.

Fifteen halls sculpted and modelled over the millennia by nature, for a route of 1,280 metres, where speleological marvels and archaeological riches offer exciting insights.

Human footprints, dated with certainty to around 14,400 years ago, are located in the portions close to the walls and belong to individuals of different sizes; footprints of bears and canids that frequented the cave at the same time as humans are also recognisable.

Most of the tracks are located in two areas inside the cave: the ‘Corridor of Footprints’ and the ‘Hall of Mysteries’, which were digitally acquired by laser scanner, obtaining three-dimensional models that allowed each track to be georeferenced.

Photo courtesy of: Grotte, Museo Etnografico e Borgo di Toirano


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