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It’s time to get in the game!

Make way for this incredible team! It's time to tee off by explaining to you crews, what you can expect during the next few days!

Boat by boat, the GSH team has just announced the full schedule of games to be held over the next two months, starting on Saturday 4th February.

Equipped with energy and irony, the team has collected the first adhesions to the upcoming event of the season: the 1st Edition of the Crew Olympix!

And you? Ready to be one of us and join the challenge?

Next Saturday, on 4th February, let’s pull the trigger with the first OlympiX day, dedicated to the Duathlon run!

If you are curious and don’t know how to participate, read the complete regulation and find more details at:

We look forward to receiving your memberships on our e-mail:

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