Genoa Superyacht Hub

Make everything easier for your crew

The Amico & Co experienced concierge unit everyday helps to fulfil the requirements of crews across a wide range of services. These include everything from finding accommodation and arranging car rental to researching travel information and sourcing catering.

Our local knowledge allows us to quickly help clients seek out specialist medical and dental treatment, book a five-a-side football pitch for the evening (maybe over in Waterfront Marina!), find a yoga teacher, organise a haircut or colour and book a shellac manicure.

We can also help with the accommodation with long-term or short-stay solution, the arrangement whatever kind of car, scooter, bike or van rental you require, and the right hint with of restaurants, day trip destinations and shopping recommendations in Genoa and the surrounding regions.

Talking about moorings, please ask and our staff can quickly find the best options, either in Waterfront Marina or in the other marinas of Genoa Superyacht Hub.

We are used to take care of your despatch and delivery requirements and provide secure storage, laundry, tailoring, linens and uniforms.

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