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Outdoor adventures in Genoa / 2

The weather is fantastic… let’s go outside and make some outdoor activity!

There are some great outdoor activities to do in and around Genoa, here we star with the first suggestion of places to visit, hiking path itineraries and short trips that are not too far away from the city centre that will transport you to an unforgettable journey!

Top itineraries on the Promontory of Portofino

San Rocco – Batterie – San Fruttuoso

There are many itineraries to choose from, however this is one of the more fascinating itineraries of the Promontory, with a panoramic view over the seaside and the coastline and many particular points of interest. It starts off from San Rocco, a 20-minute walk up vertical stairs above Camogli (reachable by train in 35 minutes from Genoa).

The “Batterie” were lookout stations from the second world war, perched above the sea. The second part of the hike, to the bay of San Fruttuoso, a tenth century Abbey reachable only by sea or on foot, is particularly challenging.

Certainly, this part is for sporty and fitter people, as this is a difficult path and there are sections which have chains attached to the bare rock to facilitate the transit along the exposed sides! A lot of thrill factor here and not for you if you suffer from vertigo!
There are many others, such as the route from Kulm to Pietre Strette and Nozarego, which are much more easy-going, allowing you to stroll through the shady trees of the promontory in its deep woods. There are drinking water stations at Gave, San Rocco, Semaforo Vecchio and Pietre Strette.

There are also a number of great MTB tracks through on the “Monte”!

Madonna del Caravaggio Sanctuary walk

Another wonderful, long walk just outside of the Portofino Park is the walk from Ruta di Camogli to the Madonna del Caravaggio Sanctuary – this takes you up above the Tigullio and Paradiso Gulfs walking along the ridges with the most incredible views imaginable. It takes in Camogli, Recco and then after a wooded part you will finally see the Sanctuary before you, on the top of Mount Orsena at 615m above sea level and you will need to climb the final steep steps.

The whole hike takes about 4 hours and if you like you can continue on past the Caravaggio church and on to Rapallo which will lengthen the trip by a couple more hours. Do go prepared however – there is no water along the route, and you will need to take at least 4 litres per person with you. There is something other worldly about being up at the Sanctuary – it transports you back through the centuries, and in the early mornings and midweek is also a very popular yoga spot.

For more itinerary suggestions from the Park’s official website check here: .

Alternatively this excellent site <> has all the trails that you could dream about, together with photos, fitness levels and elevations.

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