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Paragliding in Liguria

Take advantage of the summer to fly over Genoa and Liguria with a tandem paraglider.

Soar to new heights and experience the ultimate adrenaline rush with paragliding from the most famous Ligurian hills above the Mediterranean Sea.

Feel the thrill as you take flight, embracing the breathtaking views of the azure waters below. It’s an adventure of a lifetime, offering an unmatched perspective of the stunning coastal landscape that will leave you exhilarated and with memories to cherish forever.

No age limits or medical examinations to take off and safely experience the fantastic thrill of flying in two with a paraglider in Liguria.

  • Safety First modern and certified equipment
  • Professional insurance
  • Take-off transport (max. 3 places) included
  • Take-off video/photos included
  • Pick-up service from station/hotel (within 10km)
  • Passenger weight 30 to 110kg

Useful instructions

How to dress: shoes and sportswear according to the season.

What to eat: normal meals, avoiding heavy food and alcoholic drinks.

How it works: meet at the landing site, take-off with shuttle bus, followed by briefing, preparation, take-off, flight and landing.

How long does it take: approx. 1 hour in total depending on location, flight duration depends on weather conditions.

When: we fly tandem paragliders in Liguria every day of the year.


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