Putting down roots in genoa

Tips for relocating and settling down in Italy’s most liveable city

You have fallen in love with Genoa and want to make it your base? Great choice! The area has so much to offer you and the family and growing up in Liguria will allow your kids to have that outdoor water sports lifestyle that you enjoy so much too. Fortunately moving to Genoa with the family is a lot easier than it seems. Here we will give you a quick rundown both on some residential locations and schooling options so you can start to think about making your dream reality.

Where in Genoa….or beyond?

Like all cities, Genoa has many different quarters to choose from which vary a lot in terms of the type of housing they have to offer, each having its particular charm. Popular choices with superyacht crew members in Genoa include 

Centro Storico
Corso Italia and Boccadasse
Nervi and Sant’Ilario Golfo Paradiso and Golfo del Tigullio 

Carignano is the flat, leafy quarter facing the water directly up above the naval repairs area of Genoa. It is near the city centre and theatres, has fine dining, a 5-star hotel and an international school covering from primary to high school. It overlooks the sea to the South and the rest of the city and hills to the North – garages and parking are at a premium here. 

Centro Storico is Genoa’s historical centre, steeped in centuries of history, full of bars, trattorias and colourful characters, with tiny shrines at every street corner. It may not seem the most instantaneous solution for family living, with its lack of vehicle access, but it is a surprisingly enjoyable place to live with small children, far from trafficked roads and with a village feel to it, particularly in the higher areas. 

Albaro is the ideal place for the English gentleman, near the centre yet comfort-centred and aesthetically pleasing, with tennis clubs and sports centres, elegant eateries, charming a la moda boutiques, wide boulevards with parking and more ample apartments which are much sought after. If you can’t live without the beach and the boardwalk, nearby Corso Italia and Boccadasse are the right places for you. The former offers constant sea view jogging, cycling and rollerblading options and the latter charming, fishing village living. 

Nervi at the Eastern perimeter with its amazing seafront walk, view of the Portofino promontory and tiny port, ideal for kayaking and fishing, is a haven for footballers and local stars, near to the ISG international school. Don’t forego enchanting Sant’Ilario up above, much beloved to residents throughout the province, composed of villas large and small, with stunning views and above all that Genoese metropolitan rarity – a garden. 

Finally, if like many others before you, you left your heart on Liguria’s Eastern Riviera, you can still decide to take up residence either in the Golfo Paradiso or the Golfo del Tigullio without robbing a bank. Locations here range from gastronomical rustic Recco to bijoux Camogli, as well as international Santa Margherita Ligure and Zoagli, just along from Rapallo – all of these locations are connected by the motorway to Genoa or the many trains to central Genoa.

Buying or renting a house

Unless you have already fallen in love with a particular quarter undoubtedly it is a great idea to start off with a rental in one of the above quarters to see how it can match the needs of your job, transportation, passions and hobbies and schooling requirements. Broadly, rental contracts in Italy are fixed contracts – like 4+4, which ties you in to a property for 4 or 8 (4+4) years – or temporary ones, running to up to a year. A short-term temporary contract will give you enough of a base to start checking out which could be your ideal pad.

Buying a flat or villa in Italy for a non-Italian citizen is a relatively straightforward process (obviously if you are from the UK, this may have been complicated a little by Brexit) and you can get a good feel for quality real estate on the market by trying out some of the experts with skilled English-speaking associates.

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