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Reportage from the Rolly Days

During the extraordinary period of the Renaissance and the Baroque, the Genoese aristocracy started to build a series of prestigious palaces to show its wealth and magnificence.

The large number of these residences and their splendour gave birth to a peculiar public accommodation system established in 1576. All these private luxurious buildings were enrolled in official public registers in order to host state and religious visits.

Declared UNESCO World Heritage sites in 2006, some of these palaces, still belonging to private owners or hosting headquarters of banks or offices, are open to visitors two weekends a year during the Rolli Days, uncovering their treasures.
With our private guided tour through the hidden wonders of the city, we discovered 3 stunning palaces located in the historical centre. With their stunning frescos, beautiful facades and ancient history we dived into the magical atmosphere of Genoa.

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