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Results of the second day of the Crew OlympiX

Blue team, fourth place. Instead, on the podium: Yellow team, third. Red team, second. Green team, first place!

This is the rank of all winners, who received the special prizes for this second day of Crew OlympiX, held last weekend in the name of absolute fun!

The real win? Togetherness, the true Genoa Super Yacht Hub formula.

As we already said, there’s no good excuse to stop a crew party, not even uncertain weather. And our crews have proven it, playing with us despite the conditions being not the best!

The challenge was organized around a rich gaming program: Tug of war, Catch the tail, Clothespins Game, and “Shot, Jump, Basket”. In short, nothing serious, just an excuse for a bunch of laughs!

Then, we enjoyed a tasty typical lunch made of both local and Italian meals such as fried “cuculli” and pizza, together with good beer. A refreshment stop couldn’t get any more delicious!

Rosa dei Venti Club, such a loved place by Genoeses, has wonderfully hosted us, making this special day possible, so a very big thanks to them is a must! But the biggest one goes to all the crews, for coming and lighting up our Saturday. “More fun than expected” some of you told, and we totally agree!

We look forward to meeting all the participants again and even more subscribers on March 11th.

Save the date! This time, all the crews will be expected to show off their best skills on Waterfront Marina’s football, padel and basket courts!

Follow our stories to stay updated on all the next appointments of the Crew OlympiX and, of course, to see all the pics from the event!



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