Genoa Superyacht Hub

Genoa Superyacht Hub
Bunker Services

Worldwide bunker traders and bunkering logistics specialists.

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Genoa Superyacht Hub has a  highly experienced team of worldwide yacht bunker traders and bunkering logistics specialists.

With a selected network of physical suppliers across the globe and trading offices in Genoa for the Mediterranean, Caribbean, Dubai and Singapore, our offices are able to guarantee prompt responses, competitive pricing and favourable credit terms.

Our traders are always on call to:

  • Provide assistance in obtaining duty free bunkers wherever eligible.
  • Offer clarification of the local bunker regulations in all countries worldwide.
  • Provide market advices and help planning and scheduling bunkering itineraries in advance.
  • Coordinate fuel delivery and help solving any local issues that may arise.
  • Offer supply either ex-pipeline, via truck, by barge or at a fueling Station depending on location.
  • Search the best product available in compliance with the ISO/SOLAS 60°C (140°F) minimum flash point requirement and MARPOL Annex VI 0.1% (1000ppm) maximum sulphur content limit.

Superyacht bunker services are operated by Femo Bunker, a worldwide experienced buker traders and logistics specialists.

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