Genoa Superyacht Hub

Genoa Superyacht Hub

Discover our Superyacht mooring solutions
in the heart of Genoa

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In our hub, we have two main marinas: Marina Molo Vecchio and Waterfront Marina, both able to cater to the needs of Superyachts. The marinas are supported by a network of services and professionals that will make your stay so much more enjoyable!

Boasting on average over 1,000 superyacht visits a year, for a total of 46,600 days with around 6,000 crew members arriving every year, Genoa provides all the services and supplies that a 30m plus Superyacht may ask for.

Marina Molo Vecchio

Marina Molo Vecchio, located in the Old Port area of Genoa, is right in the centre of one of Genoa’s main leisure centres.
Here you will find cafes, restaurants, shops, cinemas, a swimming pool during summer, a skating rink in winter, the famous Aquarium and, just behind the Old Port, the biggest historical centre in Europe.

Able to welcome more than 150 boats, the Molo Vecchio main dock can berth up to 47 yachts from 22 to 90 metres stern to, as well as host a 150m yacht alongside in the section dedicated to bigger yachts and passenger ships, endued with ISPS Security Plan.

The marina is operated by
Marina Molo Vecchio

Waterfront Marina

In the heart of Genoa, home to the world famous Genoa Boat Show: Waterfront Marina is directly located in front of Amico & Co shipyard, one of the world’s top three refit and maintenance locations – just a short hop across the water.

Close to the main entrance of the port, Waterfront Marina is the best location for accessing or departing the port of Genoa for a daytrip.
Suitable for 30m+ vessels with 26 berths from 20 to 110 metres in length.

The marina is operated by
Amico & Co.

How to get here

Arrival Info

Before getting to Genoa

  • Call Genoa pilots on VHF ch. 12.
  • Yachts over 500 GRT call mooring assistance on VHF ch. 10.
  • Yachts over 1,500 GRT or 70+ metres: Pilot on board is compulsory (call VHF ch.12).

When approaching the port

  • Please call Genoa Traffic on VHF ch. 11 (and remain listening on VHF ch. 16).
  • Please note that once moored you will have to call vts again to confirm it on VHF 11.

While approaching the marinas

  • Please call on VHF 71 to ask for assistance.
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