Genoa Superyacht Hub The Project

After many years of collaborating together, Amico & Co and Pesto Sea Group have brought the “Genoa Superyacht Hub” project alive.

Making Genoa’s modern guise as a Superyacht Hub known to the international yachting community, especially those professionals who haven’t had the chance to personally experience Genoa, is the objective.

The experience and international reputation of the two groups, combined with a series of characteristics that only our territory has to offer, make an ideal mix confirming Genoa as the ideal homeport for superyachts of all sizes, who seek a well-equipped yachting hub, able to offer all the necessary specialized services that an Owner, Captain, visitor, crew member or yachting professional could desire.

genoa, a city like no other

The heart of the Mediterranean

Genoa is defined to be at the heart of the Mediterranean, its’ privileged position making it possible to easily reach anywhere, whether it be the principal European capitals or Italian cities, and the area’s natural conformation allowing you to sip an espresso overlooking the Portofino’s tiny turquoise bay and just a few hours later be skiing on the peak of a snowy slope – all in the course of just a single day.


Art, Culture and Traditions

Genoa represents art and culture: think of the Rolli palaces and the historical centre, both UNESCO world heritage sites.
Genoa represents beauty and tradition: enjoyable wanderings amongst the historical shops, the elegant parks surrounding Renaissance villas or city quarters overlooking the sea, where time seems to have stood still.


Yachting Expertise

Genoa represents maritime tradition and expertise: thanks to its Port which is perfectly integrated with the fabric of the city and can boast a network of specialised yachting professionals who are always ready to meet the demands and changes that our ever-changing sector present.

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