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The world of Bansky lands in Genoa

Banksy: well known by everyone, but not always fully understood.

The artist’s most awaited traveling exhibition, which arrived at Stazione Principe on March 3rd, aims precisely to make his message better grasped, crossing the most iconic Italian stations.

Once in Genoa, we couldn’t avoid recommending it. Without any doubt, we talk about an unmissable opportunity not only to visit the most important station of our city, but also to experience it from a deeper perspective, linked to the essence of the “journey”. A journey that, in this case, is not limited to geography.

Yes guys, after attracting over 450 thousand spectators in the main stations of Milan, Turin, Verona and Rome, “The World of Banksy – The Immersive Experience” is going to make our central station the hub for over 100 works, murals and objects by the iconic Bristol artist, from paintings to “graffiti” to stencil technique pieces.

The exhibition also presents i-Banksy, a virtual section where the works of art become animated, leading the viewer into a world full of food for thought. Banksy’s imagery, in fact, is simple but not elementary, focusing on the themes of capitalism, war, social control and paradoxes of our time.

The railway stations are awesome for the purpose. No longer used places, such as the old ticket office of Principe, can in fact give life to a perfect match between context and street art.

The exposed fire protection systems, the raw concrete walls and the ceilings attacked by humidity, allow the works to fit into a very “urban” context, which is the ideal outline for the strong images that Banksy proposes.

Unexpected elements like murals just pop up where one least expects it, like sudden calls to reflection, in a modern world lost in speed, where the passage is fleeting, detached from a contemplative dimension.

As De Ros, curator of the exhibition, explains, the setup is a very precise choice: the mission is to celebrate art in apparently unsuitable places to demonstrate how beauty and reflection hints can be incredibly surprising to find around!

Here we go from the paintings of the very first career phase to the last years’ ones, from the famous mice that cut electrical cables and write on the walls, to the kissing policemen, passing through the well-known hopeful little girl, who watches her red balloon fly away. We then move on to works on canvas and installations that deal with important subjects on the theme of conflict and migration and the reinterpretation of famous historical people: an absolute must.

Don’t miss it!

The exhibition is open until July 16th, every day from 10 am to 8 pm (last admission at 7 pm).

For more information on tickets, feel free to send us an e-mail at:

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