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What’s On – April 2023

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After the Party Games day spent together in the name of an epic fun, and the Ball Games day, based on sun, chilling and sports, Saturday
we met the crew again for the last appointment of the Crew OlympiX.

Leaving from downtown, we experienced the smartest Treasure Hunt in town ever, an amusing way to see our beautiful Genoa more in depth, exploring some of its most iconic sights, mixing fun and a bit of adventure!

In this number, free time in Genoa

  • Rolli days – April, 28th – May, 1st
  • Your best chance to celebrate “Focaccia”!
  • Craft beer & Food Festival till April, 2nd.

Some getaway for you

  • Karting Time! in Ronco Scrivia.
  • The Design Festival in Milan.
  • Flying over the Mountains in Valle d’Aosta.

Easter time in Genoa?

How to get into April mood? If you are in Genoa, one of the best ways is celebrating Easter diving into its culinary traditions!


Do it like the locals

  • An adventourous run across Genoa – April, 16.
  • On board through our Ligurian Coastline with the ferry line.

And finally, don’t miss the opportunities of the Genoa Yacht Training Accademy.

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