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What’s On – November 2023

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Free time in Genoa

  • Visit Museo Palazzo Reale and Palazzo Spinola for free > 5th November.
  • Discover new italian talents > 25th November @ Carlo Felice Theatre in Genoa.
  • Meet Bansky: The famous antiauthoritarian graffiti artist> until 14th January @ Genova Principe Railway Station

Do it like the locals

  • Enjoy the Brugneto Lake and the foliage near Torriglia > Metropolitan City of Genoa.
  • Aperitivo and fun tour in the “Vicoli” > Download the leaflet for more info.
  • Tour of the Forts and breathtaking views > Visit the ancient forts on the hills of Genoa.


  • Van Gogh: the immersive experience > Until 31th December in Milab (140 km from Genoa).
  • Venice 18th International Architecture Exhibition > Until 26 November in Venice (400 km from Genoa).
  • International white truffle Fair of Alba 2023 > Until 3rd December in Alba (140 km from Genoa).

And more!

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